Supermarket prices and ways to save | #MondayMoneyUK

Supermarket savings

Following Tesco’s spat with Unilever over increasing prices, we decided to tackle supermarket prices. Are they too high or even too low? What should we do to get the best prices?


Every week a different blogger hosts #MondayMoneyUK on Twitter. It’s a chance to share our tips with each other and our readers.

Here’s a selection of the tweets featured in tonight’s chat, but you can read through the entire night’s conversation over on Twitter.

Listen to our Editor Andy discuss the chat on Share Radio:

Q1: Supermarket prices

A mixed response here. Some aren’t seeing much of a change, others are fighting against it by switching supermarkets and brands.

Q2 Spending less

Plenty of tips here. If you go away with just one nugget, it’s make a shopping list.

Q3 Supermarket frustrations

Plenty to be angry about, including food waste, packaging and ethics.

Q4 Reductions

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