UK Money Blogger Profile: The Money Fox

Francesca from The Money Fox tells us all about her blog, including her unique budgeting system and top money saving tips!

Tell us about your blog.


My sole goal is to help people to see that they can use their money to spend on things that make them happy, and cut out all of the junk!


I focus mainly on helping people with how to budget, earn extra money from home (even with kids and a crazy busy life!) and paying off debt.


I have created and sell a budget planner which helps to budget using my unique method.


Why do you write about money?


I write about money because it was something that I personally struggled with. I didn’t really have a problem with managing my money, it was when I was earning little – no money that I didn’t have a clue what to do.


When I was in a bad place financially, I searched for a resource or website that could help me, and couldn’t find one that I could relate to. I desperately needed someone to show me how I could make money from home even with no money and a young child.


I decided to become that resource for people who found themselves in the same situation that I was in.


How did you start blogging?


I actually started on a free site very briefly, but then switched and changed my name. Which I have now changed again!


The funny thing with me is that I love to research things, and this can be a cause of procrastination. But on the other hand, I also love to push myself and jump headfirst into something new. Which is what I did on this occasion!


What’s your most popular post and why?


I’ve just checked my Google Analytics and it varies quite a bit! I don’t have one particular post that does better than any others, it tends to depend on what I am sharing on social.


What’s your favourite post you’ve written and why?


The most personal post I’ve written was called Dear Debt, It’s About Time We Broke Up. It’s You, Not Me.


This one resonated with a lot of people, and it was quite cathartic to write.


What’s your top blogging tip?


Have a plan! That’s my tip for life in general actually! I love planning and being organised – I have a very active mind which is all over the place, and I need to write stuff out or it will all be a mess.


To expand on that tip, I’d say:


  • Have a monetisation plan. How are you going to make money with your blog? Is it sponsored posts, affiliates, products, ads etc? They all tend to require different focus, so this is important.
  • Have a traffic plan. Where are you going to get most of your traffic from? Pick one or two channels/ways and focus on those. You can add more once you know those well.
  • Have a scheduling plan. How often are you going to be able to write on your blog? Think about what would happen if you were ill, or lost motivation for a bit?


Why are you part of UK Money Bloggers?


I initially joined because I felt really lonely! I had no idea how many other money bloggers were out there in the UK. It’s grown so much too!


It’s nice speaking to other people who are doing the same thing.


Who are your three favourite UK money bloggers?


That’s really tough! I love so many of my fellow money bloggers. 


Fiona – Savvy in Somerset


Grainne – Wanna Be Debt Free


Jennifer – Mama Fur Fur


These ladies truly want to help people, and they are lovely people to boot!


What’s your number one money tip?


Have a plan for your money. Yes, I’m banging on about having a plan again, ha. But it’s just that important!


Having a plan for your money starts with creating a budget. My budget strategy incorporates the zero based budget, which is where every bit of your paycheck is allocated a purpose.


What are the things that are most important to you? Make sure that you include these in your budget, whether it’s small things such as meals out with friends, or bigger ones such as saving for your dream home.


Planning and being organised with your money also makes it easier to avoid debt – because you can plan for things in advance such as birthdays, car repairs etc.


What is the best bargain you have ever bought?


I saved quite a bit on my phone getting a refurbished one from Apple. I did the research, and got cashback too.


Most of my clothes have also been bought reduced, but you wouldn’t be able to tell!


What is a product/service you are happy to pay the extra for?


Anything that is eco-friendly, and things that support small businesses.

Tell us something about yourself (unrelated to your blog / money)


I have a young daughter who is a force of nature! I play hockey in my spare time, which I love. Definitely recommend doing a hobby!


Where can we find you on social media?

I’ve got all of the social media channels, but the best place to find me is over on my Instagram.

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